Canada Billiard Maze Dining Series 8' Pool Table

$8,000.00 $10,999.00

A beautiful modern billiards/pool table with minimal clean lines that can convert to a ping pong table or even a dining table (would need to purchase a tabletop from Canada Billiards).  The design of this pool table draws from mid-century modern elements for its overall look. One of the nicest billiards tables built in North America. Includes Ping Pong Top, Pool Cues, and Balls.

  • 101.75" L x 57.75" W x 31.75" H

  • Base frame: The base frame is constructed of 1 ¾” thick, solid white birch 
  • Slate mounting blocks: First-quality large solid wood blocks. They provide the secure mounting of the slate on the frame. 
  • Slate: Three-piece 1 ” thick premium slate from the best quarries. The framed slate extends underneath the rails to provide consistent play. Slate is precision-machined and leveled to within 10/1000 of an inch. 
  • Cloth: High-quality wool and nylon blend. 
  • Rails: Solid white birch rails are widely supported and bolted through the slate with threaded rods, mushroom lock washers, and nuts. Wide adjustable flat nut plates allow rails to be precisely positioned and pulled down permanently to the slate to provide a truer rebound. 
  • Cushions: Professional “Master Speed®” rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy. 
  • Sights: Inlaid diamond pearl sights have a maximum tolerance of 10/1000 of an inch for consistent play. 
  • Pockets: Matching leather pockets. The openings conform to BCA standards. 
  • Legs: Modern white birch legs shaped in a maze for beauty and excellent table support. 
  • Exclusive table levelers: The frame of the table is quickly leveled by using four bolts. 
  • Finish: Several coats of carefully applied finishes ensure a peerless quality and durable finish.